The Changes you want to see in Indian Court

Non-acceptance of flippant cases

Many times it is seen that a powerful political figure gets any sort of case admitted in the court of law. The case may be dismissed at a later stage, but it wastes valuable time of the judiciary. Therefore, judges should have clear indication about the kind of cases they can accept in the court of law.

Along with the Indian Judicial system, it is also the responsibility of the Indian citizens, not to waste the time of law with false cases for personal gains. It is a gross responsibility of all not to reject justice to anybody.

Supreme Court changes order banning sale of firecrackers

The top court-appointed committee should conduct a research on the impact of bursting firecrackers during the festive season of Dussehra and Diwali on the health of the people. The suspension of permanent licenses as directed by the order of courts and should be lifted for the time being.

Keep courts open 365 days a year

There is a severe shortage of judges it should be a long-term goal. We are still living in the pre-liberalization age where it was not okay to shut offices after sunset it should be open on the night shift and have skeleton services on weekends. And courts should have makes special benches across India so that the poorer citizens can have greater access to any kind of problem. These steps help to Improve the Indian judicial system

Committee to counter stalling tactics

Shortage of judges is one problem it should be improved in the absence of any lawyer. Because should not be a problem in files and document which is dates missing, medical cases and other different types of cases.

Improvement in Indian Judicial System

It is high time that we come out of this passive state and want to change our Indian Judicial System. Something impressive is done first of all should improve the quality of Govt job in Courts. Because of this type of activity corruption plays an important role to make the Indian judiciary slow. This is important for the betterment of the community at large. We should make proper guidelines for the judges for any kind of cases which would be closed within 10 to 15 days.